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The following statements apply to all users of ECMS software. If you use the services provide on the site, you must agree to this Privacy Policy. In order to ensure that you have full confidence in our handling of personal data, please carefully read and understand the provisions of the Privacy Policy in detail. In particular, once you use our service number, you shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to our terms and conditions.

We are committed to protecting the privacy and personal data which you provide in using our services, and meeting the highest standards of consumer protection in respect of the collection, use, storage and transmission of personal data (laws and regulations on the privacy of personal data).


Before you register as a member of this site, you must agree with the following:

When you apply for registration, you shall provide true, accurate, instant and complete registration information, and maintain and promptly update the registration information to keep it true, accurate, instant and complete.

If you provide any information that is not true, accurate, and instant or complete, ECMS shall have the full right to suspend or terminate your membership services.


When you use the services provided from this site, please know and agree with the terms and conditions of this statement.

This statement may be updated as necessary. Each change therein shall be released immediately on this site and shall take effect immediately.

If you refuse to accept any of the new terms and conditions hereof, you must abstain from using the services provided from this site; if you continue to use the services provided from this site, you shall be deemed to have accepted the new terms and conditions hereof.

The terms and conditions hereof shall be modified by only authorized personnel of the site in a written form.


When using the services, any user must comply with the relevant laws, but this site shall assume no legal responsibility for any disputes caused by any user from using the services.

Any user shall be responsible to properly keep its own login passwords and other confidential information. This site shall assume no legal responsibility for leakage of personal privacy information caused for any reason of any user's own.

This site shall at its sole discretion have the right to suspend or terminate the services for a user.

The service of this site shall not be provided for any of those companies or individuals of which the membership is cancelled temporarily or permanently.

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